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Clarissa Harris

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Clarissa Harris (She/Her/Hers) I’m from Durham, NC originally...but I’ve been a member of the Asheville community for over seven years now. I come from a long line of folk in movement work (folk who did the work before it was called movement work lol). My unmarked work and community are what inform the way I approach racial justice. I think my specific set of gifts makes me apt at being what a friend of mine (Mickey Scott Bey) deems “a justice doula.” I just facilitate the natural and healthy collaborative practices of making room for folk to live their chosen best lives in loving balance with others. I’m dedicated to supporting and bridging communities.

Tiffany De'Bellott

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Tiffany Flunory-DeBellott (she/her/hers), is originally from Brooklyn, NY who moved to Asheville NC in 1997. Tiffany's two daughters, Sapphire and Pearl, are Asheville High School graduates who's also committed to civic engagement and service to community. For the past ten years Tiffany has demonstrated a passion for education advocacy, climate justice, and community organizing. Holding a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Ms. DeBellott brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in organizational leadership, policy and procedure improvements, program leadership and design, partnership development, and budget coordination. Tiffany’s focus has been on diversity, equity, and inclusion work: facilitating racial equity circles and other grassroots movements. Ms. DeBellott is currently an active board member of the Human Relations Commission of Asheville, YMI Cultural Center, COTTHINK, and most recently LEAF Global. “It is my goal to ensure a better future for our children and families, through holding accountable and challenging systems of oppression, racism, and the false narrative of white supremacy”.

Giannina Callejas

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Giannina Callejas (She/Her/Hers) is a millennial cisgender woman, first-generation college graduate, and first-generation immigrant who believes that the answer to all questions is LOVE. Giannina was born in Bogota, Colombia, and was raised in Queens, NYC. She enjoys experiencing life’s mysteries by traveling and understanding universal cultures. Her vision is to pilot a national movement that will lead us not into oppression but toward equality for all of mankind. Her dream is to live a life of bliss that is not contested by despair or defied by misery. Her prophecy is to discover herself by providing service to the goodness of the world.

Shuvonda Harper

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Shuvonda Harper (She/Her/Hers) is a native of Asheville, NC. Growing up in the historically African American Southside neighborhood, Shuvonda developed a deep love for her community. Living away from Asheville for a number of years led her to realize that working in her home community is her calling. She is now a well-respected activist, serving as a board member of the Residents’ Council of Asheville Housing Authority. Shuvonda is the mother of two beautiful children Bentley (13) and Trinity (11). As a vocal advocate for the greater good, Shuvonda consistently attends and speaks up at meetings about issues impacting her community. Shuvonda is the Office Assistant at the Arthur R. Edington Center and many credit her with playing a key role in facilitating the vibrant activity that fills the Edington Center each day, and the flourishing of the Southside Community Garden.


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Julio was born in Peru where he studied education and graphic design as well as
photography and journalism. After teaching for four years in a rural community outside Lima in 2006 he moved to Charlotte NC to teach Spanish in an elementary school as a visiting teacher. After that, he moved to Asheville in 2010 where he got deeply involved with immigrant communities, co-founding JMPRO (Justice in Media Project) a grassroots media organization, in this process he has collaborated with most of the organizations in Western North Carolina that work with our Latinx community.

On September this year, Julio join CPC, an organization with a long tradition of contributing to the social movement, where he can contribute his knowledge and experience to improve CPC's media presence in the region.

Board of Directors

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Stephanie Dasai (She,Her,Hers)
Alina Talladen (She,Her,Siya)