Center for Participatory Change
Igniting Collective Power. Transforming Systems of Oppression.
Healing in Community.

CPC’s vision is collective liberation, Collective Liberation, la liberación del Pueblo. We create spaces for learning, healing and relationship building.

Individuals and grassroots groups build analysis and take action through our Popular Education, Language Justice, Racial Equity and Sustainability Circles. We are a democratically run, non-hierarchical, multi-racial organization. We are located in Asheville, NC and work deeply with the communities located in Western North Carolina. We also collaborate with various networks to deliver popular education, racial equity, and language justice trainings that have a state, national, and global reach.


CPC’s work has its roots in popular education, a collective learning process where communities raise awareness and strengthen their skills to bring about change. CPC focuses the communities most affected by structural inequities, especially the Latino and Black communities. Our community organizing goes beyond politics and laws, it includes sharing stories, songs, rituals, food and bringing our authentic selves.