CPC’s vision is collective liberation,
la liberación del pueblo.

Racial equity, language justice, and popular education are at the heart of each of our strategies.



To ignite collective power, CPC builds skills and structural analysis to lead and sustain movements for collective liberation.

  • We draw on our wisdom, the wisdom of our communities and movements, and the wisdom of those who have come before us.
  • Structures of oppression are intentional, and transforming these structures requires resources, heart, and resilience.
  • We believe building collective analysis peels away layers to expose systems of oppression.


To transform systems of oppression, CPC supports and leads collective action.

  • We take actions that target systems of oppression.
  • We believe that when actions are defined guided and led by the people most affected by oppression, we have the power to transform our communities.



To heal in community, CPC creates intersectional spaces for healing.

  • We welcome multiple healing practices from our communities.
  • We believe in reclaiming, preserving, and passing on the cultural legacies of our ancestors.
  • We believe that our healing practices must include a deep analysis of racism, internalized oppression and internalized superiority, and all of the systems that oppress us.
  • We believe that our collective healing work is a necessary, continuous practice that requires our patience, authenticity, and courage.

In order to prioritize work within CPC, it must pass through the following two filters:

  1. Create interconnection between our Circles
  2. Center Black leadership and Black community