Staff Roles

Core Staff

While the core staff role is currently held by two staff members, CPC does not have a co-directorship model. Core staff create and support systems for work planning, evaluation and communication, as well as uphold the broader vision of CPC’s work and act as stewards of organizational history.

Core staff makes personnel and budgetary decisions as they align with CPC’s organizational strategies and are accountable to Full Circle by gathering input for final decisions about resources.

Circle Coordinators

Circle Coordinators plan and carry out the Circle’s work, as well as support community leadership within the Circle. They ensure that their Circle’s work is building in alignment with organizational strategies. Circle coordinators work in pairs, and co-coordination of Circles has helped to keep people from working in isolation and has kept the work from stagnating, as co-coordinators infuse each other with their creativity and energy, as well as provide consistent practices in dialogue and reflection.

Circle coordinators make decisions about the direction and scope of their Circle’s work, often in consultation with circle participants.

Full Circle

Full Circle is made up of Core Staff and Circle Coordinators, and is a structure that keeps staff connected to each other and the organization as a whole. Full Circle is entrusted to collectively build analysis, share practices and experiences, and to define strategy for the organization based on learnings and experiences in circles and community. Full Circle also analyzes and evaluates each Circle’s work through the lens of CPC’s strategies and filters, including evaluation of core staff. This is a formative process that includes open dialogue, critical questions and often leads to collaborative work between Circles.

Full Circle is charged with collective consensus based decision making around mission, vision and strategies.