Seeds of Hope

Everyone means everyone and that’s why the Seeds of Hope program believes in giving all children the necessary tools to build an equitable society from an early age. Seeds of Hope provides programming and child care at CPC meetings and for organizations that fight for social justice.

Through a series of workshops, CPC trains participants from different communities, mainly communities of color, to develop skills in providing child care focused on social justice.

In CPC spaces, childcare providers facilitate age appropriate children’s activities that stimulate creativity and active learning while exploring issues such as racism; oppressive structures; and gender, racial, and language equity.

We plant these seeds because our hope is to build healthy communities with equal opportunities for everyone.


Seeds of Hope provided youth programming for numerous groups, including…

  • CIMA
  • Bountiful Cities
  • Nuestro Centro
  • Rainbow Community School
  • Educators for Equity
  • WNC Sancturary Movmement

For more info, email [email protected]