Racial Equity Circle

Black Love, Black Joy, Black Healing in Community

Persistent state-sanctioned violence against black and brown bodied people and their communities and the impact of white supremacy beckoned CPC’s Racial Equity Circle to build relationships and create a healing space in Asheville for folks from the African Diaspora.

In 2017, Black Love evolved into a sacred gathering of community change agents who affirm and celebrate one another, lament and heal in community. Each month, organizers, activists, artists, facilitators, teachers, entrepreneurs, parents, neighbors, and other change agents breathe a deep sigh of relief as we cross the threshold into the Arthur Edington Center’s Community Room. The aroma of sage, the light of candles and the presence of water, earth, wind, and fire welcome us. Multiple genres of music, a variety of potluck foods and drinks, stories, celebrations and participation in black centered events have become the norm.

In 2017, Black Love participants supported a Stand Against Racism event that included a panel discussion about racism in the nonprofit sector, attended a talk by “Queen Sugar” author, Natalie Brazsile at Warren Wilson College, and a delegation of 13 black and brown bodied Ashevillians attended the Southern Movement Assembly for the first time. It’s happening! Black Love is building and healing together!