Nuestras Escuelas

RECENT HIGHLIGHTS: Nuestras Escuelas trained a team of parents in the Emma community on Participatory Action Research. Parents went door to door at Brownwood Mobile Home Park and Woodridge Apartments. 27 families shared their vision for a Community School Model. 


Nuestras Escuelas (Our Schools) is a collaborative organizing project between CPC and Nuestro Centro. Nuestras Escuelas works to change school policies and practices that create barriers to undocumented and marginalized families’ participation and leadership in the Erwin District of Buncombe County Schools. The project strives to create racial equity and language justice in the district’s schools.

Nuestras Escuelas was born out of the community’s response to a classroom assignment at a Buncombe County high school that made national news by uncovering structural racism that exists in local schools. Led by the experiences and wisdom of families of color and immigrant families, the program is currently focusing on creating a community school model in partnership with Emma Elementary School. CPC and Nuestro Centro’s hope is to create schools that function as community institutions and places for learning, healing, and building collective power for the Emma community.