Nuestras Escuelas Campaign

CPC and Nuestro Centro’s collaborative organizing campaign Nuestras Escuelas/Our Schools works to create racial equity and language justice in our schools. In 2016, the campaign:

  • Worked with parents, students, teachers and administrators at Erwin High School to create dialogue around meaningful volunteer and leadership opportunities for parents, building on the successful change of policy that required a social security number for parents to volunteer.
  • Organized three community research sessions to analyze the School Achievement Report “D” grade that Emma Elementary School received. Parents, teachers and administrators developed a racial equity lens through which to analyze the grade, and to create a community evaluation of the school, which told a much more complete story than the “D” grade. After the analysis sessions, Nuestras Escuelas organized a racial equity visioning and action planning session.
  • Held a celebration at Emma Elementary School in December to celebrate the hard work that has come out of the vision and plan – including fundraising for a new playground, the creation of a community garden, and the most recent “C” grade received on this year’s School Achievement Report.
  • Supported racial equity training with parents who participate in Nuestro Centro’s “Raices” program.