Language Justice Circle

One! The number of language justice worker owned co-ops formed! Welcome to the world Cenzontle Language Justice Cooperative!

Nine! The number of interpreter practice sessions we organized! The monthly practice sessions bring together 10-12 people to practice interpreting skills, learn about language justice, and build community with other multilingual people in the region.

Ten! The number of chapters in the new CPC Language Justice Curriculum!

Sixteen! The number of folks who participated in our Language Justice Webinar! We were joined by people in San Juan, Mexico City, New York, Houston and Atlanta!

Twenty-two! The number of times the after school Interpreter Club at Erwin High School met making our dreams of training a new generation of language justice workers a reality!

Twenty-six! The number of people who participated in CPC’s Annual Interpreting for Social Justice Workshop.

Twenty-seven! The number of families that shared their vision for a Community School Model with the Nuestras Escuelas participatory action research team.

One thousand! The times our hearts burst seeing our vision of language justice workers come alive in 2017!