Language Justice Circle 2016

The Language Justice Circle works to deepen our understanding of language in our lives, our communities and our movements.  In 2016:

  • CPC supported over 14 organizations in creating multilingual spaces by renting out CPC’s simultaneous interpretation equipment. This includes local organizations like Nuestro Centro, Word on the Street and Cothinkk, and national organizations like Southerners On New Ground (SONG), Project South, and United for a Fair Economy.
  • 22 people attended CPC’s 3rd annual Language Justice Interpreter Training. After the training, CPC’s Language Justice Circle staff evaluated nine local interpreters and provided feedback on how to strengthen their interpreting skills.
  • CPC’s Language Justice Circle hosted six interpreter practice sessions. Session topics included recovery techniques, role and ethics of the interpreter, and building our social justice vocabulary. Around twenty interpreters have participated in the practice sessions.
  • CPC is set to publish the Language Justice Curriculum. The curriculum shares the tools that have been used to train interpreters in the region.
  • CPC is thrilled to have Monse Ramirez, our Tzedek Language Justice Fellow, working with us. Monse came up through the LJ training and practice sessions and is now training new interpreters in the region!