In recent history, CPC’s board has played a largely administrative role, which included financial stewardship and budgetary decision making alongside with Core Staff.  Many decisions that would traditionally be made by a board were being made within circles and by Full Circle staff.  It required deep reflection to find clarity on the board’s role in way that would ensure compliance with our 501c3 status, especially during these times of vulnerability and political divisiveness, yet honoring our commitment to build a movement organization that is investing in creating structures and practices of liberation.  Our primary concern was wanting our structures to be meaningful and powerful, allowing space for authentic leadership from our Circle communities. We sought to move beyond just “checking boxes.”  We are presently in the process of inviting Circle members who are active participants and leaders within their Circles to become board members. The board will be tasked with developing a membership-based model for CPC as a mechanism for Circle participants to assume decision making roles. Board will continue playing a fiduciary role, however they will also be creating a meaningful and powerful membership structure to build community ownership and leadership of CPC.