Black Love Gatherings

Do you wonder where the “Black Spaces” in Asheville are?

Do you desire events with people who are healing and creating space for Black Liberation? Do you identify as a person negatively impacted by white supremacy, racism, and the ravages of chattel slavery? If yes, then CPC’s Black Love Gatherings are for you!

Black Love Gatherings…

Are monthly multi-sensory experiences with a focus on economics, interpersonal relationship building, history and the Black experience, and discussion around the safety to live in all the dimensions of Black humanity and personhood.  CPC’s Black Love Gatherings are revolutionary and unapologetically honors the power, the beauty, and the joy of the Black Community. This intergenerational space continues to be a place of refuge against the assault and violence of being Black in Asheville, NC.

As we recreate what  revolutionary love and healing looks like as a collective, we prioritize holding space in Asheville’s “Legacy Neighborhoods”, Black owned spaces, and historical Black churches. For us by us, we honor Black businesses and entrepreneurs, we pay Black facilitators, support Black spaces, and create brave platforms for the Black community to be in right-relationships together. 

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Join CPC’s monthly Black Love Gatherings, every 4th Saturday from 2 pm – 5 pm. 

June 24th

Grant Center, 285 Livingston St, Asheville NC 28801

July 29th

Noir Collective, 39 S. Market St, Asheville NC 28801

August 26th

September 30th: 

October 28th: 

November 28th


Black Love Gatherings Today: 

Black Love has grown in new ways, partnering with professionals, young and seasoned, to work alongside our staff, bringing in a new demographic of participants. Moving forward, there will be a continuation of local and regional collaborations with grassroots and nonprofit organizations whose mission and vision is tightly aligned with CPC. The silver lining is what Bell Hooks has said… “Love is a combination of care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect, and trust.” As an organization we will keep this work rooted in love.