2016 Financials

Income Sources:

$131,221 Foundation Grants

$50,000 Major Donors

$20,077 Grassroots Fundraising

$ 8,370 Fees for Service

$ 4,713 Pass-through Funds Received

“CPC is a wonderful group of people doing much needed work in our community. Whether it be making community meetings accessible for non-English speakers through their language justice work or organizing the Racial Equity Circle for WNC, they are on the ground doing it.

As individuals and as an organization, they truly strive to meet their awesome vision statement of “Collective Liberation.” Giving a modest $10/month towards furthering the work of this sweet organization is the least I can do!” –Brandee, monthly donor


$161,408 Program

$ 40,930 Management & General

$  9,182  Fundraising

$  4,713  Pass-through Funds Disbursed