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Andrea Golden - Language Justice Circle

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Andrea Golden is a popular educator, interpreter and cooperativista. Andrea is a white, queer, cis woman born in Worcester, MA, who grew up all over the United States and moved to Asheville 18 years ago. She is co-founder of Dulce Lomita Mobile Home Cooperative where she lives with her husband, their three children, 16 chickens, and a community that she loves deeply. She co-coordinates the Language Justice Circle.

Tamiko Ambrose Murray - Racial Equity Circle

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Tamiko Ambrose Murray, a Black cis woman and mother of two, is a writer, cultural organizer and a community-based researcher. A resident of Asheville, NC for the past 22 years, Tamiko's work for racial equity and social justice is rooted in her belief in the transformative power of arts and culture. Tamiko is co-founder of Asheville Writers in the Schools & Community and "Word on the Street/La Voz de los Jóvenes," a bilingual online arts and culture magazine that is for, and by, youth of color. She serves on the executive committee of Alternate ROOTS, a Southeast regional coalition of artists, activists and cultural workers. She is also Co-Vice President of Asheville City Schools Foundation. At CPC, Tamiko co-coordinates the Racial Equity Circle.

Ada Volkmer - Language Justice Circle

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Ada Volkmer is a native of Mexico who is proud to call the US South her home. Her multicultural, bridge-crossing, code-switching experiences growing up on the US-Mexico border inspire and inform her language justice work. Ada has more than 10 years’ experience interpreting and coordinating interpretation in community-based settings, including interpreting at the Highlander Research and Education Center, the World Social Forum on Migration, and Lánzate. Ada loves fried chicken, cumbia and summer. At CPC, Ada trains interpreters as part of her work co-coordinating the Language Justice Circle.

Becky Brown - Sustainability Circle

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Becky was born and raised in a small rural town in eastern Kentucky. Though she's lived in various places since leaving her hometown, the mountains and people of Appalachia will always be home. Becky moved to Asheville in 2004. She likes to help things grow and this includes plants as well as social movements. She is establishing a small farm and orchard in Madison County, NC and works with other grassroots groups sharing her financial management skills, because she's nerdy like that. At CPC, Becky co-coordinates the Sustainability Circle, keeping up with numbers and being so grateful for CPC's amazing community of supporters.

Erica Johnson - Popular Education Circle

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Erica is a non-binary queer from the tundra of Wisconsin. They have been enjoying Southern organizing (and warmth) since they moved to Asheville in 2014. Erica's introduction to movement work came through environmental justice initiatives in the Great Lakes region as well as organizing for queer justice and prison abolition during their time in college. During the same period, they were knee deep in community-based youth programming. When they were first introduced to popular education through a program called "Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity," Erica knew they had a framework for integrating these two passions. For nearly ten years now, they have been building skills and an identity as a popular educator focused on youth-centered spaces. At CPC, they co-coordinate the Popular Education Circle.

Juan Diaz Juarez - Popular Education Circle

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I have lived in this country for two and a half years. I'm an economist and a musician who has always been involved in social projects. In Asheville, I have worked with different type of students. As an In Home Educator I work with pregnant women, infants and toddlers. As a volunteer of the M.A.N.O.S. program I work with teenagers. Finally, as a teacher for the Spanish version of the HISET test I work with adult people. I'd like to help people from my community to promote not just tolerance but acceptance.

Magaly Urdiales - Sustainability Circle

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Magaly was born in Peru, South America and has lived in North Carolina since 2006. She began her career as a teacher in 1995 and worked in that profession with much passion for 11 years. Magaly started organizing communities in 1998, while continuing her teaching career. She organized campesino communities in the northern part of Peru to promote economic development through agriculture and literacy with a project called Reflect-Action. Additionally, Magaly works with the WNC Workers’ Center. Along with Magaly’s participation in the Workers’ Center, she co-coordinates CPC’s Sustainability Circle.


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