Black Love



Black Love
Every 4th Thursday of the month
5:30 – 8:30 pm
Edington Center
133 Livingston St.
Asheville, NC
In October, the Racial Equity Circle celebrated Black Love, Black Joy, Black Healing Day’s one
year anniversary. Over the year Black Love has convened monthly to build relationships,
celebrate, and break bread in an intentional healing space.

The Racial Equity Circle brought a Black Love delegation to the 7th annual Southern Movement Assembly in Whitakers, NC. Black Love participants had the opportunity to learn and connect with organizers from across the South and are developing plans for an assembly process for their own community.



In the struggle to eliminate structural racism, it is urgent that Black communities claim space to take time to heal. CPC’s Black Love, Black Joy, and Black Healing Day, also known as “Black Love Day,” is an intergenerational gathering open to all people of African descent.

Black Love Day is a healing space to break bread, form new relationships and build community among people with a shared racial identity. As survivors of a culture of anti-blackness, white supremacy and state-sanctioned violence, Black Love Day is a time for all Black folks in Asheville and surrounding areas to celebrate themselves across lines of difference, and to remind themselves who they really are.

CPC believes that before people can organize and mobilize it is necessary to build trusting relationships and to ground this work in love. We have high hopes for the future as Black Love, Black Joy, Black Healing Day continues to grow and strengthen our community networks.